Announcement: Crypto Finance to Support SMR, the native token on the Shimmer network

Crypto Finance is excited to announce that it will be supporting SMR, the native token on the Shimmer network. Clients can now trade and store SMR tokens, leveraging Crypto Finance’s institutional-grade infrastructure solution.


Starting November 2022, clients can:

  • Trade SMR tokens via our Sales Trading Desk between 7:00 and 18:00 CET
  • Benefit from best-in-class secure custody of SMR tokens
  • Independently store, send, and receive SMR tokens using our storage infrastructure

Crypto Finance now offers technical support for 20 blockchains and hundreds of tokens available for trade and custody through our FINMA-regulated brokerage service, giving clients seamless market access across a wide range of digital asset venues.

If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of institutional account managers. Crypto Finance is committed to assisting and accompanying you on your digital asset journey.


Shimmer is the official L1 staging and validation network of the IOTA protocol. It enables developers to build applications and use features that are not yet available on the IOTA mainnet.

Like IOTA, Shimmer is built on a UTXO-based parallelised, directed acyclic graph (guaranteeing higher scalability than conventional blockchains). It ensures interoperability and composability of L2 smart contract chains, and, with its unique tokenisation framework, will become a multi-asset ledger for minting and the transfer of native assets without intermediaries or crippling gas fees.

$SMR is the native token of the Shimmer network and serves as the network’s economic backbone, facilitating value transactions and interactions within the Shimmer ecosystem. Users of Shimmer use the $SMR token to launch new DeFi applications, DEXs, NFTs, DAOs, and other dApps.


Crypto Finance provides institutional and professional investors with a full suite of crypto asset products and services. This includes the first FINMA-regulated crypto asset manager for collective investment schemes; 24/7 crypto brokerage and custody services, and storage infrastructure and tokenisation solutions, all provided by a FINMA-regulated securities firm. 

Learn more about Crypto Finance’s services here. 



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