24/7 digital asset trading and liquidity for banks and financial service providers.
Obtain professional, prudentially regulated access to the digital asset market with industry-leading trading infrastructure.

Market-leading institutional approach

Our crypto brokerage is a Swiss financial intermediary that enables banks and institutional clients to participate in the emerging digital asset class. We offer automated trading via institutional-grade APIs with limited counterparty risk.


Trust our market-leading institutional measures
  • Part of Deutsche Börse Group:
    limit your counterparty risk
  • State-of-the-art platform:
    automate and integrate trading
  • Swiss-based & FINMA-regulated:
    rely on industry-leading standards
Agency Trading via Trading Desk

Best execution agency trading

We offer transparent, algorithmic best execution agency trading with a variety of liquidity providers. Our service is automated, handling all market conditions.

Flexible trade sizes and styles

The trading infrastructure we offer allows clients full flexibility and trading of all sizes, with an algorithmic order execution.

Most trading pairs available

Our clients benefit from a wide range of trading pairs. In addition to the traditional crosses, we offer trading of over 200 altcoins.

Principal Trading via UI or API

Principal trading 24/7

We offer principal trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, leveraging our proprietary online trading system and transparent order execution for major pairs.

Straight-through processing (STP)

We offer streaming prices Click & Deal functionality, RFQ (request for quote), Limit, Stop Loss and Stop Limit orders.

Secure direct access via UI / API (FIX/REST)

Trading with LYNX, Crypto Finance's Trading & Custody UI - previously Crypto Asset Trader (CAT) -, provides access to principal trading functionalities in a secure environment. These trading functionalities are also offered through our API interfaces, FIX and REST.


We helped an innovative, traditional bank extend its blockchain and digital asset offerings by providing brokerage services using Crypto Finance’s trading system user interface (CAT).

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