Crypto solutions for a seamless digital asset offering

Diversify your portfolio with regulated investment products, access tailored crypto services, and build your crypto ambitions.

Regulated, secure crypto funds without counterparty risk
Benefit from diversification and return potential
(Fund products for qualified investors)

CF Crypto Momentum ETP

Gain exposure to the digital asset class and get excellent risk-adjusted returns through a diversified and dynamic strategy, uniquely combining price momentum and on-chain activity.

CF Crypto Web 3.0 ETP

Gain a unique theme-specific exposure to the future trends of the internet through a smart and diversified portfolio of digital assets within Web 3.0.

Systematic DLT Fund

Maximise returns taking a systematic and quantitative approach.

Portunus Fund

Generate capital growth through a diversified portfolio of crypto assets.

Crypto Market Index Fund

Invest in the Top 10 crypto assets weighted by market capitalisation.

Industry-leading crypto services
Industry-leading crypto services

We offer blockchain-based financial services to empower clients to access the digital asset space.

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Product Issuance

Financial institutions can now offer customised crypto products using our services.

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Clearing & Settlements

Benefit from comprehensive and efficient position management and reconciliation.


Leverage client-centric secure and flexible custody of digital assets with a FINMA-regulated partner.


Automated trading via institutional grade APIs with limited counterparty risk.


Generate staking rewards on assets while mitigating risk through regulated services.


Innovate through asset tokenisation to prepare your organisation for the future.

Professional support every step of the way

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