Crypto Product Issuance with Crypto Finance Group
Our all-in-one offering enables asset managers, banks, and family offices to design and issue their digital asset products with regulated, crypto-native, and trustworthy partners.
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Advice & support in the process of launching your crypto investment product

Limiting counterparty risk and selecting regulated, trustworthy product partners is of critical importance in this new asset class. Set up a digital asset Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) or Exchange Traded Product (ETP) with Crypto Finance:

  • Listed and non-listed products with Swiss or European prospectus with institutional-grade standard
  • Crypto Finance as possible investment advisor or investment manager
  • Benefit from our expertise with digital asset products
  • Crypto Finance will act as a trusted partner for the management of the financial product with its FINMA-regulated brokerage and institutional-grade custody

Actively managed certificates (AMCs)

  • Distribution to qualified investors
  • Swiss and/or EU passporting
  • Bankable with Swiss or EU ISIN number
  • Limited counterparty risk to SPV
  • Each product is segregated as individual client account

Exchange-traded products (ETPs)

  • Retail product offering
  • Swiss and/or EU listing
  • Bankable with Swiss or EU ISIN number
  • Limited counterparty risk to SPV
  • Each product is segregated as individual client account
  • Support during the listing process

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Product Issuance with Crypto Finance
Benefits of working with Crypto Finance and our preferred partners:
  • Choose your securitisation & issuance SPV from our partners Apex Group, ISP, GenTwo, or iMaps
  • Limited counterparty risk to independent SPV
  • Fully segregated and individual client accounts
  • Comprehensive offering for AMCs and ETPs
  • All-in-one solution including trading, custody, and asset management services
  • Regulated, trustworthy, and crypto-native partners
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Customised to client needs


A preferred partnership with Apex Group
Apex Group is a global financial solution provider, offering an extensive range of financial services across the full value chain.
  • Apex operates a Swiss independent securitisation & issuance SPV
  • Limited counterparty risk
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White-labelled digital asset strategy AMC or ETP

Robust Swiss SPV set-up

We have partnered with an independent Swiss securitisation and issuing SPV, providing fully segregated and individual client accounts.

Secure digital asset custody​

Our custody solution supports a multitude of assets, and our services are tailored to meet client needs. Benefit from our industry lead infrastructure and enjoy complete flexibility in your customised set-up.

Regulated digital asset trading ​

We offer 24/7 digital asset trading and liquidity with our industry-leading trading infrastructure.​

Professional digital asset investment strategy​

We have been managing digital asset strategies and funds since 2017. We are fully dedicated to the digital asset space with extensive expertise in crypto. ​

Distribution & listing strategy

We support you with listings in Switzerland and across Europe.

Selection & sign-on of all required product partners

Our team effectively manages the complexities of the ETP or AMC ecosystem with the assistance of our trusted partners.



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