Crypto Finance helps an innovative, traditional bank offer its clients regulated access to digital assets through its trading, storage and infrastructure services


Client Description

An innovative traditional bank providing private label fund solutions, capital markets and banking services to asset managers, fund administrators and investment advisors.


The bank wanted to extend blockchain and digital asset offerings to its clients. For this, they needed a strategic partner to help them both initiate and expand their automated and regulatory compliant services, including:

  • Principal and Agency Trading of digital assets
  • A rapidly expanding coin offering based on client demand
  • A highly secure custody solution for digital assets, based on flexible governance and storage infrastructure that could ultimately be operated by the bank as a custodian
  • Collaborative introduction of new services, e.g. staking

Approach and Solution

For over four years now, Crypto Finance has partnered with the bank on its journey towards establishing itself as a market leader in digital assets. The bank followed a phased approach supported by Crypto Finance:

  • Providing Brokerage and Custody services via the bank’s trading desk, making use of Crypto Finance’s trading system user interface (CAT)
  • Automating trading via API integration
  • Becoming its own custodian by integrating Crypto Finance’s flexible, in-house governance and storage infrastructure


Today, the bank is considered a leader in blockchain services. It not only offers funds, but also trading and custody of more than 100 cryptocurrencies. It has more control of its digital assets, having successfully insourced Crypto Finance’s governance and storage infrastructure services.

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