House View – Web 3.0 Report

In the latest edition of the Crypto Finance House View, we cover the following topics:
An Intro to Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a term that emerged in the 2000s, but it has only gained traction in the last few years. With the surge of bitcoin and blockchain, Web 3.0 is used to describe the transformation of the web towards decentralisation and user ownership. How could Web 3.0 change our existing interactions with the web? How does blockchain fit into the picture?

Written by Felipe Baptista Giesbrecht

Interview: The Metaverse

Today, there is a great deal of hype around the “metaverse” and the vision of a decentralised Web 3.0. Mitchell Goldberg, PhD Candidate at the University of Basel, clears up some common misconceptions about the metaverse, elaborates how blockchain technology can power the next generation of the internet, and explains where the dream of the decentralised web might
encounter challenges.

Interview with Mitchell Goldberg 

Building Blocks: NFTs & SBTs

As we move towards a decentralised Web 3.0, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged as an essential component in realising this vision. NFTs are unique digital assets that have a wide range of potential uses and applications.

Written by Vanessa Thien

Blockchain Gaming: Catalyst for Mainstream Adoption?

Since the inception of Bitcoin, which popularised the idea of decentralised ledger technology and cryptocurrencies, the digital asset industry has been searching for new blockchain-based applications that can differentiate themselves from this Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System and further drive mainstream adoption. The technology behind blockchain and digital assets has long been focused on redefining the future of finance, whether it be by relying on a decentralised ledger to record peer-to-peer transactions, or by interacting with DeFi protocols and instruments. Yet, the scope of blockchain technology is broadening and other traditional industries will be impacted, such as gaming.

Written by William Ery

Value Accrual for Web 3.0 Tokens

An important aspect when analysing any investment opportunity is to understand its underlying economic model and value accrual mechanism. For crypto and Web 3.0, for example, this means that even if the underlying technology is groundbreaking, it still requires a clear economic model in order to be a great investment. When analysing the various use cases, from NFTs to gaming, we believe that value accrual in Web 3.0 could be fundamentally different than the economic models of the past decades. We see potential for a shift away from concentrated power centres towards a more democratised value distribution.

Written by Friedrich Herzog 



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