Announcement: Crypto Finance now supports Solana (SOL)

Crypto Finance is excited to announce support for Solana. Clients can now securely trade and store Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL.

Together with SOL, Crypto Finance now supports storage of 16 protocols and an extensive range of tokens, adding new integrations continuously. Our FINMA-regulated brokerage service provides clients seamless market access across this wide range of storable digital assets.

Starting today, clients have the option to:

  • Trade SOL electronically on our Crypto Asset Trader brokerage platform 24/7 or contact our Sales Trading Desk between 7:00am to 6:00pm CET. All order types are available including limit orders, stop loss, and stop limit orders.
  • Store SOL leveraging Crypto Finance’s secure infrastructure solution.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding either storage or trading. We are happy to support you.


Launched in 2017, Solana is a blockchain platform managed by the Geneva-based Solana Foundation and developed by Solana Labs, which is based in Northern California. The protocol positions itself as an alternative to other chains focused on enabling decentralised and scalable applications thanks to its high transactions speed and low transaction fees. Similar to Ethereum, Solana also supports smart contracts and non-fungible token standards. Solana’s consensus mechanism is two-fold: it operates on Proof-of-Stake for transaction verification purposes and Proof-of-History to speed up the verification process by introducing on-chain timestamps.

Learn more about the Solana Blockchain here.


Crypto Finance provides institutional and professional investors a full suite of crypto asset products and services. This includes the first FINMA-regulated crypto asset management for collective investments; 24/7 crypto brokerage and custody services as a FINMA-regulated securities firm; and storage infrastructure and tokenisation solutions.

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