House View – March 2023

In the latest edition of the Crypto Finance House View, we cover the following topics:

Crypto Market Review 

After a significant year-to-date rally in the crypto markets, signals from both on-chain and market data remain favourable, and point towards a stabilisation of the digital asset market. While macro volatility has recently increased, its effect on crypto assets has had a lesser impact than it did during 2022. This points to a potential (albeit slow) decoupling. And it is for those reasons that we believe that today’s levels remain attractive for building strategic exposures in this asset class.


By Friedrich Herzog

Tokenisation as a Service

What exactly is tokenisation, and how is it transforming the finance industry? Moreover, what role will Tokenisation as a Service (TaaS) play in the future?


By Ksenija Korolova 

Bitcoin Inscriptions: Feature or Bug?

A new protocol created by former Bitcoin Core developer Casey Rodarmor has spurred much discussion and controversy within the Bitcoin community as it gains popularity. The new protocol allows users to create NFTs on Bitcoin called Inscriptions. Some praise its innovation while others consider it an attack on Bitcoin. Will these inscriptions divide the community and create a new blocksize war?


By Ian Harper

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