Regulated 24/7 brokerage access to the DeFi markets

Great news: our FINMA-regulated brokerage is adding these DeFi – USD digital asset pairs to our automated 24/7 trading functionality: COMP  | SUSHI  | UNIYFI

While our clients have been trading these and other DeFi tokens against a broad range of FIAT and stablecoin currency pairs via our Sales Trading Desk, now they can also trade them 24/7 against USD on our Crypto Asset Trader (CAT). CAT is our online platform for trading in real-time.

Why is this important?
These tokens have been at the centre of the DeFi developments.
For more background on DeFi, take a look at our recent market updates on DeFi.

DeFi has grown to a market capitalisation of almost USD100 billion. Our brokerage is one of the few regulated securities firms worldwide offering trading for this range of DeFi tokens to our clients. As the DeFi markets develop, we will continue to add to this list. Stay tuned for further updates!

24/7 Trading Functionality on Crypto Asset Trader (CAT)
CAT is our online access to trade in real-time. CAT allows you to “Click&Deal”, send a “Request for Quote” (RFQ), and set “Limit”, “Stop Loss”, and “Stop Limit” orders.

Find out more our Crypto Asset Trader (CAT) and our FINMA-regulated Brokerage.

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