Market deep dive: Crypto market freefall continues

The crypto market saw another week of severe losses. BTC$ is currently trading 7.1% lower (at 19.4k) compared to seven days ago. ETH$ is valued at 1.05k, equalling a drop of 7.4%.

The current market cap of all cryptocurrencies now stands at roughly $850bn. Last November, the total market cap was nearly 3tn, which means that the market has suffered a downturn of more than 70% so far since the last (all-time) highs.

Market participants certainly are used to crypto bear markets. Nevertheless, many investors are getting nervous and fearful, and some are selling, despite the current levels.

In terms of market cap, we are now roughly at the same level as during the market highs in 2018, shortly before the three year-long “crypto winter”. It remains to be seen if we are on the verge of a new “crypto winter”, or if enthusiasm will revert soon.

At the moment, we cannot feel much optimism in the market yet. This week, 76% of our client volume was on the sell side.

Despite all of this, we are feeling positive here at Crypto Finance, and we are working constantly to improve and extend our offering to our clients. Regardless of whether a new “crypto winter” comes or not, we will be ready once the clouds disappear.

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