Announcement: Crypto Finance Integrates Polygon Chain for Enhanced Trading and Custody Services

Crypto Finance AG, a leading provider of institutional-grade investment solutions, custody, and brokerage for digital assets and part of Deutsche Börse Group, is excited to announce the complete integration of the Polygon sidechain into its trading and custody services. This integration will enable seamless trading and secure custody of assets for Crypto Finance’s clients on the Polygon sidechain. In addition, Crypto Finance has integrated Polygon into its tokenisation as a service offering. 

As a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group and a supervised financial institution under FINMA, Crypto Finance is dedicated to offering its clients a wide range of regulated services. Polygon, renowned for its Ethereum scaling capabilities, has emerged as a leading solution for addressing scalability and cost issues on the Ethereum blockchain, particularly in the areas of decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By leveraging Polygon’s infrastructure, Crypto Finance’s clients can benefit from lower transaction fees, higher throughput, and improved settlement speeds.

Kasper Luyckx, Head of Product at Crypto Finance, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, highlighting that “Integrating with Polygon, one of the leading blockchain ecosystems, was a natural step for Crypto Finance. Our clients can now take advantage of reduced fees and faster transaction processing for their trading and custody needs.”

By embracing Polygon’s advanced sidechain technology, Crypto Finance demonstrates its commitment to meeting the evolving demands of its institutional clients while granting them access to the extensive Polygon ecosystem. This integration marks a significant milestone in Crypto Finance’s ongoing efforts to provide secure, efficient, and compliant services within the digital asset space.

About Crypto Finance Group 

Crypto Finance Group – part of Deutsche Börse Group and comprising two prudentially FINMA-supervised financial institutions – offers professional digital asset solutions. This includes one of the first FINMA-approved securities firms with 24/7 brokerage services, custody, infrastructure, and tokenisation solutions for financial institutions. It also comprises the first FINMA-approved manager of collective assets for crypto assets, with a selection of crypto investment solutions, including the first FINMA-regulated crypto fund. With a team of nearly 120 employees, Crypto Finance Group is headquartered in Switzerland.  

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