Crypto Finance Outlook 2024: Navigating the New Era of Digital Assets

As we navigate the shifting tides of the digital asset landscape in this “Outlook 2024” report, we reflect on a tumultuous 2023, marked by significant regulatory actions, technological advancements, and the gradual emergence from a prolonged “crypto winter”.

What were the key events that shaped the digital asset landscape in 2023? What is the outlook for 2024 and what can we expect?

1. Looking Back at 2023

The fallout from FTX’s collapse, and a very poor 2022 for the overall market, continued to impact the industry, leading to bankruptcies of majors players, such as Genesis, and the closure of crypto-friendly banks Silvergate and Signature Bank.

2. Outlook 2024: Entering a New Era

Amid the rollercoaster of regulatory decisions and the fervent activity around Bitcoin ETF filings, a glimmer of hope has emerged, suggesting that the industry may finally be thawing out after a prolonged crypto winter.

2.1. Bitcoin: Poised for Growth

The approval of Bitcoin ETFs represents a pivotal shift towards mainstream acceptance and integration of digital assets into traditional financial portfolios. It not only underscores the maturing regulatory environment but also reflects the growing confidence in Bitcoin as a legitimate and stable investment asset.

2.2. From Wild West to Regulated Realm: The Industry’s Steady Transformation

The successful implementation of frameworks like the Markets in Crypto Assets regulation could herald a new era of regulated growth, where compliance becomes a competitive advantage and the market’s resilience is bolstered by a foundation of trust and transparency.

2.3. Ethereum’s Next Big Play

The approval of an Ethereum ETF is a possibility in the not-too-distant future.

2.4. DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming: Reloaded

DeFi, NFTs, and gaming each harbor the potential to be standout performers in the digital asset industry’s next growth phase.

3. Beyond 2024: A Tokenised Horizon

As we look beyond 2024, the trajectory of tokenisation suggests not just an evolution but a revolution in how assets are perceived, managed, and exchanged.

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