House View – Outlook 2023

In the latest edition of the Crypto Finance House View, we cover the following topics:

1. Crypto Market Outlook 2023

After ending a volatile year in crypto, we believe that in 2023 we will see a gradual recovery in the markets. While macro risks remain elevated, sentiment in crypto is already at historically low levels. We expect any marginal improvement in demand to provide a tailwind, as it meets tight levels of supply. Lessons learned in 2022 will also serve to shape the industry going forward as participants move from unregulated and centralised entities to either centralised and regulated or decentralised entities.

Written by Friedrich Herzog

2. Outlook Regulatory Developments 2023: Laying the Groundwork for Regulatory Clarity across the Globe

Even before the turbulent year of 2022 laid bare significant shortcomings of market actors and providers, the regulatory scrutiny on crypto assets had in recent years been growing steadily. Having been witness to several high-profile failures and bankruptcies in the market in 2022, regulators and supervisory bodies across the globe will surely continue to sharpen their focus as they keep advocating for improved investor protection, market integrity, and financial stability across the crypto asset industry.

We expect 2023 to be a landmark year for regulatory developments in the domain of DLT-based financial services. This article provides an overview of these developments, with the intent to introduce the reader to what is coming next in the realm of crypto asset regulation.

Written by Björn Flückiger

3. Ethereum: The Road Ahead

After the successful Merge in Q3 2022, the next highly anticipated upgrade is scheduled for 2023, aimed at enabling the unstaking of ETH. Important network scalability improvements are also expected for this year.

Written by Lukas Jelk


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