Finpension clients can now invest in Crypto Finance’s Swiss crypto fund

finpension enables pillar 3a investment in cryptos

The 3a investment app from finpension now also offers the option of investing in cryptocurrency. A maximum of five percent of the personal 3a assets can now be invested in the “Crypto Market Index Fund” with finpension.

First Swiss crypto fund
On 29 September 2021, FINMA approved the first Swiss crypto fund “Crypto Market Index Fund” from Crypto Finance.

finpension now offers the possibility of investing pension assets in this fund. The strategic weighting is set at a maximum of five percent. Rebalancing takes place weekly, on the second bank working day of the week.

New fund under “Alternative investments”
finpension offers six investment strategies with an equity share of 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 percent. These six investment strategies are available in three different forms, Global, Swiss and Sustainable. All strategies can be individually adapted. Over 40 funds from the Credit Suisse Index Fund (CSIF) universe are available for this purpose.

The new fund is made available under the asset class “Alternative Investments”. Two gold funds previously belonged to this asset class. The asset class is limited to a maximum weight of 20 percent.

Here you can find more information on Asset Management.


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