Announcement: Crypto Finance Sets the Course for the Future

Zurich, September 28, 2023 – FINMA-regulated Crypto Finance AG, a part of Deutsche Börse Group, and a leading provider of institutional-grade brokerage, custody, and investment solutions for digital assets, initiates changes to the company’s management.

  • Founder Jan Brzezek will shift from the CEO position to an advisory role
  • Stijn Vander Straeten appointed new CEO
  • Handover of responsibilities will be conducted in alignment with FINMA

The company’s founder and long-standing CEO Jan Brzezek will move from the CEO role into an advisory role upon FINMA approval. He founded Crypto Finance in 2017 and has since then steered the company on its way to becoming a leading provider of products and services across the entire digital asset value chain. After the successful integration into Deutsche Börse, Jan will remain in the advisory role for the company until spring of next year, three years after selling the company to Deutsche Börse Group.

To guarantee a successful transition, the Board of Directors of Crypto Finance has appointed Stijn Vander Straeten as the new Group CEO. Stijn Vander Straeten is currently CFO of the company and has been in various leadership positions at Crypto Finance since 2018. Throughout this time, Stijn Vander Straeten was a close confidant and actively involved in building the company. Jan has nominated Stijn as his successor on the Board.

Jan Brzezek said: “I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in the past six years, but now it’s time to hand over the helm to someone who can lead the next phase. I am absolutely convinced that Crypto Finance is excellently positioned to participate in the dynamic development of the blockchain industry. I couldn’t envision a better successor for this role than Stijn. He possesses all the qualities needed to continue the success story of Crypto Finance.”

Eric Leupold, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crypto Finance and Head Cash Markets at Deutsche Börse Group said: “We are delighted that with Stijn Vander Straeten, we have appointed an internal candidate with a compelling leadership and industry track record, who is deeply familiar with Crypto Finance’s culture and the digital asset industry. At the same time, I would like to thank Jan Brzezek for his tireless efforts in building this fantastic company and establish it as a force to be reckoned with in the digital asset industry. I am very pleased that he will continue to work with us and we will retain his exceptional knowledge and expertise.”

Jan Brzezek added: “Founding and leading Crypto Finance has been an immensely thrilling experience. I would like to thank all of my clients, my current and previous employees, as well as the Board of Directors and all investors for their support and trust throughout an evolving industry environment.”

Stijn Vander Straeten said: “I am very excited about the opportunity to lead Crypto Finance. With our strong track record in providing banks with digital asset trading and custody services and the unique shareholder Deutsche Börse Group, we are perfectly equipped to be the go-to provider in Switzerland and Europe.”

The Crypto Finance Executive Committee will welcome David Deller as successor to Stijn Vander Straeten as CFO, who has been serving as a Senior Finance Business Partner at the company since March 2021, and Niloo Verma Bruppacher, who will take on additional responsibilities as COO in addition to her role as General Counsel. The above changes will be implemented in alignment with FINMA.

In response to the growing demand for digital assets from financial institutions in Europe, Crypto Finance and Deutsche Börse are about to launch a regulated offering for digital assets in Europe. They are well positioned to operate within the forthcoming MiCA regulatory framework, ensuring regulatory compliance and driving growth in the dynamic European market.

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Crypto Finance Group – part of Deutsche Börse Group and comprising two prudentially FINMA-supervised financial institutions – offers professional digital asset solutions. This includes one of the first FINMA-approved securities firms with 24/7 brokerage services, custody, infrastructure, and tokenisation solutions for financial institutions. It also comprises the first FINMA-approved manager of collective assets for crypto assets, with a selection of crypto investment solutions, including the first and only FINMA-regulated crypto fund. With a team of nearly 120 employees, Crypto Finance Group is headquartered in Switzerland and has a regional presence in Germany.

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