Contact for Whistleblower

Our goal at Crypto Finance (Deutschland) GmbH is to avoid illegal or unethical behavior in all business relationships. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to anonymously report known or suspected violations via our whistleblower system.

Trust is the basic condition for our business

Our actions towards colleagues, business partners, investors and the public are characterised by integrity and responsibility. We do not tolerate violations of applicable law or our Code of Business Conduct.

Your information can help to identify risks at an early stage and avert sanctions, penalties and damage to our reputation.

Submit your reports online and anonymously

You can submit your report online. You also have the possibility to give your advice by telephone.

With our whistleblower system, we want to ensure that persons who report violations in good faith receive the greatest possible confidentiality and the greatest possible protection against actual or threatened retaliation or reprisals as a result of the information they provide.

Personal responsibility and care

We rely upon your personal responsibility and professional judgement. Please be aware of the consequences that the knowingly spreading of false information, can have for the persons concerned and possibly also for yourself, not only from a civil or criminal point of view.

You can easily access the electronic whistleblower system by using the form provided below: