Legal Notice

The data submitted by means of this form is transmitted to Crypto Finance via an encrypted connection. Nevertheless, there is a risk that third parties may gain unauthorised access to the data, for instance through a malware on the sending device. By using this form to transmit confidential data you accept the risk of disclosing the client relationship and client identifying data to third parties and release Crypto Finance from any liability for losses arising from the use of this form to the extent permitted by law. 

By providing your telephone number and/or email address above, you expressly consent to Crypto Finance contacting you by telephone and/or via unsecured email. 

Please note that the use of email may involve substantial risks such as lack of confidentiality, possible manipulation of content or sender’s address, wrong recipient, viruses, etc. Crypto Finance assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of emails and other means of communication. In particular, Crypto Finance recommends that you do not send any sensitive information via email, that you do not include details of the previous message in any reply, and that you enter email addresses manually each time you write an email. 

Crypto Finance does not accept any orders for your Crypto Finance client relation submitted via this form, including but not limited to account openings, payment orders, revocation of orders or authorisations, changes of address. Please contact your relationship manager for such transactions.