House View – AI X Crypto Report

In this special edition of the Crypto Finance House View, called the AI X Crypto Report, we cover the following topics:

Bridging the Gap Between AI and Crypto

Crypto and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are both promising new technologies, and while AI has recently benefited from mainstream attention and hype, crypto has seen a cooling of interest. Many VC firms have pivoted from crypto investments to AI. This raises the question of whether these are competing, complementary, or simply unrelated technologies. We argue that blockchain technology and AI can be viewed as complementary, rather than competitive. Blockchain provides the security, transparency, and immutability needed for trusted data management, while AI leverages the power of data to derive insights, automate processes, make predictions, or create digital content. When combined, they can create powerful synergies. In the following sections we will highlight these synergies and share our outlook for crypto assets in a potentially new era of AI dominance.

By Lukas Jelk & Friedrich Herzog

Worldcoin: When Crypto Meets AI

“Worldcoin consists of a privacy-preserving digital identity network (World ID) built on proof of personhood and, where laws allow, a digital currency (WLD). Every human is eligible for a share of WLD simply for being human. World ID and WLD are currently complemented by World App, the first frontend to World ID and the Worldcoin Protocol.” – From the Worldcoin Whitepaper

By William Ery

Token Deep Dive: RNDR

The RNDR token is a digital currency used within the Render Network that allows people to share unused computing power with others who need it to create advanced graphics.

By Can-Luca Köymen

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