Eric Leupold 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crypto Finance AG and Crypto Finance (Asset Management) AG

Eric Leupold is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crypto Finance AG, Crypto Finance (Asset Management) AG and Head of Cash Market at Deutsche Börse Group.

During his career, Eric has been responsible for various divisions and innovations within the company. He founded and established the Deutsche Börse Venture Network in 2015. He was Head of Pre-IPO & Capital Markets from 2016 to 2018, and then served as Deputy Head of the New Markets Department.

In 2019, Eric took over the role of Executive Director of Group Venture Portfolio Management and Managing Director of DB1 Ventures. In this position, he was responsible for the strategic investment in growth companies that fit or complement Deutsche Börse Group’s strategy. His leadership includes the successful investments in Forge and, which are already making a valuable strategic contribution to Deutsche Börse Group’s growth plans.

Since September 2021, Eric is Head of Cash Market. He is responsible for the Xetra trading venue, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, primary market business, and the Deutsche Börse Venture Network, to name a few. He was also appointed as member of the Executive Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in November 2021 and took over its Chair.

Eric completed a degree in business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences of Central Hesse in Gießen, Germany.